Thursday, July 30, 2015


July 30, 2015

Hello everybody! Still applying, still networking, still maintaining my freelance and looking into getting personal business cards for fall...

And you know what else?

This transition period in a person's life means working extra hard getting your name out there. But few people also take advantage of the fact that we are young adults, and some of this "free" time we have from not working full time, while a little frustrating, is also a gift.

Once we do get the full time job we want and/or can temporarily tolerate, you're going to miss having that free time. Don't stop sending in applications, but if you can swing it, go somewhere. Some people can afford a trip out of the country, that's fine, but if you can also just go into the nearest city, go to the beach, visit friends, do that! A little vacation won't hurt especially while you've got the time, because if you don't you'll miss the opportunity.

That's a big concept that people miss. Opportunity doesn't have to be solely about jobs. Sometimes it's there for your mental health as well.

This week, I drove down to DC to visit Captain Cadaver. (Remember her from the NY internship part of the blog? Studied bones, graduated, and now works at a fancy restaurant half a block from her apartment, best friend from home--that's her!)

Not a bad time to be a tourist, though we did get a bit more sun than anticipated. Evidently we were outside during the exact time bracket it was advised people stay inside. Whoops. But worth it.

Also Batmobile lives across the street
from them. Nanananananananana...
 We walked along the monuments, tried some delicious Korean BBQ (my first Korean BBQ, but Cap'n's favorite way to eat!), thereby making use of the calories burned that afternoon.

Another thing I'd wanted to try for a long time, my aunt gave me a kit for molecular gastronomy. Basically, it's the modern art of food science.

Cap'n and I ended up making balsamic pearls on top of a caprese salad.

Agar agar is a substitute gelatin powder (vegan, too, for those who care!), and in the case of the kit came in a little pouch. The powder got dissolved in the balsamic when boiled, then with a syringe, got sucked up and squirted into a chilled glass of oil. Agar agar solidifies at room temperature, which is how the chilled oil immediately made the little pearls of balsamic.

The pearls got rinsed so they wouldn't, I presume, get congealed in a mass of pearls stuck to each other like dough balls on monkey bread, and then spooned and sprinkled over the caprese for a delicious, photogenic, scientific meal!

Next up...GenCon in Indianapolis, IN with the boyfriend. (The overall experience write up expect next week!)

GenCon is basically ComicCon for gaming. You get to listen to the professionals (designers, players, writers, publishers) discuss new releases, how they got their start in the business, and this part is important: how to get your foot in the door.

I am not opposed at all to writing and editing stories and scripts for games. It's a harder niche to get into, but sounds awesome! Interactive storytelling is my jam. Regardless, it supports my personal beliefs in the need for creativity encouraging escapism, not just in adults but in teens.

We will also be playing new RPGs  (Role Playing Games), making foam weapons, and learning how to LARP (Live Action Role Playing; basically playing a character-based board game on a bigger field when you are your character. Best example I can think of, LARPers may disagree, is the difference between Harry and Ron playing little wizard chess versus standing on the big chessboard themselves. Minus potential death, and a greater range of free movement!)

As fun as this will be, I am also using the opportunity to take several copies of my resume to booths with me in case I run across publishers or editors. Vacation can sometimes be helpful to vocational goals, if you let it! Just remember to balance. There's not much fun if you're ONLY there to network.

Don't be afraid to balance the fun in your life with work. My nana told my parents when they got married to take advantage of time you have. If you keep saving up your vacation time for "later", you're gonna miss out. My nana and poppa traveled some, but they were planning a trip for my poppa's retirement to go to Hawaii. He had a heart attack and they never went. This was before I was born, and still a dream destination for my nana.

My mom and aunt wanted to take her to Hawaii to have that family trip, but they kept waiting...until my dad said if they kept waiting, it wouldn't happen. For my nana's 80th birthday, they went to Hawaii. They had to be careful how much walking they did, but worth every penny.

Basically, work should never get in the way of making memories.  If you can swing it, always go for it. My parents do this, and they tell my brother and I a lot "well, don't expect much money, but we'll leave you a good name!"

I'm good with this. And if I maintain a similar philosophy in life, I think I'll turn out okay.

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