Friday, July 10, 2015

Sorta Productive?

July 10, 2015

Uhg. Okay, you know those weeks where you think you've got your call to action and you're so pumped to be productive and then you are productive--but not on the project you had intended?


To be fair, I knew that I was doing this multi-day gig this week, in which I would be more or less out of commission for my writing projects, even before I quit my old job.

There was a Preaching Boot Camp for seminary students being hosted at the beach that I got hired with my aunt to cook for eleven people regularly. Additionally, I had been hired to help plan said event and make reservations. So, busy but also really, really fun. With the exception that I got a cold towards the end which severely altered my beach time into sleep-indoors-so-I-can-breathe time.

What was especially awesome about cooking for this many people is that they expected the traditional camp food--you know the kind that is filling but you don't expect much out of it, but you hope that there are brownies one of the meals anyway?--but we gave them legit home cooked meals, and with my aunt's flair for upscale recipes, we were rockin' it AND stayed well within the budget! The fanciest meal was goat cheese mashed potatoes, roasted asparagus, and parmesan crusted chicken. Otherwise we stuck to crock pot kind of meals that you can throw in and forget about until you have to stir-and-serve. People are impressed and you hardly have to do anything! It's great, and I highly suggest you look into it if you haven't.

Besides that, I've dealt with some of my freelancing, and finally moved my stuff out of my friend's house. The sad part is that I could fit everything into my car--except one bedside table. So I'm going back tomorrow to officially get out of her hair.

So what did I fall behind on? Applications!

It's a vicious trap that a lot of people fall into: I did not apply for as many jobs as I needed to because I was too busy doing jobs.

Ideally, if you don't have a full time job and you're looking for one--or a couple of part time jobs together--you need to send out:


That's right. That's the minimum. If you can squeeze one a day, that's even better, and many people send out even more than that. I, unfortunately, only sent one this week...but I'm aiming for a roaring two this evening.

For those already employed full time, you're even supposed to job search and apply every six months. You may be perfectly happy in your job where you are, so the worst that will happen is somebody calls you and you say "No, thanks!". But maybe there is something available that you didn't know you were qualified for that is better than where you are--and you'll never know until you try! Every answer is no if you don't ask. 

But I get it. It's a lot harder to set aside time to update your resume and do the routine job search when you work full time. Especially cover letters. Cover letters for me are like the standardized test essays in high school. You don't know if the person reading it wants you to be super formal or not, you don't want to sound too generic, but you don't want to miss the major points that everyone has to write about sucks. 

But solidarity, brother. We shall write them, we shall sell our talents, and we shall be employed!

So here we go. I didn't take advantage of my call to action before like I'd wanted, let's take two--they're small--and see how I go this round.

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