Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dammit Jim, I Want a Career, Not a Job!

September 10th, 2015

Don't know what's new to tell you except that my application game is strong. As in I am sending out a lot of applications, but it's more of the same "You'll here from us, or you won't".

I have been training in my new job as assistant editor for Theology Today, and I'm making an excursion into the city next week. Partly to meet with contacts, but also because my brother just moved into a new apartment and a good friend of mine started grad-school and it'll be good to see them.

There's only so much socializing with my cat and computer screen before I need to go out into the world and do something else.

One outing in particular lead to a conversation with a similarly starving artist about how his parents rave about how "kids today just think they can do anything they want!"

The conclusion is that, yes, because YOU TOLD US WE COULD. If we go to college, we can do whatever we want in the world--or at least that's how it seemed to be 30 years ago.

My friend said, "I'm looking for a career, not a job." He's older than me, and since that speaks to me on such a personal level, I can imagine how it might be for him.

The threat if we didn't go to college was that we'd end up flipping burgers. Well, burger flippers are the ones with the HELP WANTED signs when we don't have 3-5 years experience for an entry level job in the field in which we want to work.

This is the lament of the millennial: the generation given the participation awards. And we are still participating, because all that's left is to keep trying.

It's not a bad place to be, but it's limbo enough to be disappointing after a while.

Keep your mind occupied. Part time jobs, applications, cooking, exercising, reading-- I'm working on getting back to that. I'm writing notes on the book of Exodus for a women of the bible study group I'm in. I've picked up Kameron Hurley's Mirror Empire. I want to brainstorm ideas for NaNoWriMo this year.

What will you do to engage your mind?

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